The Answer: How do I serve you?

The Answer LguapogreengoWritten around 2012 in San Diego, California by Lguapogreengo. It is called “The Answer” because it is.Lguapogreengo believes that when we start to serve others things change. The song is simple. Simple chords. Simple lyrics. Simple message: help people and things start to change. Sometimes it is a hand up. Other times it is an ear for someone in need. That is the answer; “how do I serve you”, by being a friend.

This song is the answer. It is the essence of what Christ died for. Not all Christian music needs to quote scriptures and hit the key words and phrases that give it it’s name. This song is Christianity. I believe it’s truly anointed. Try it. Live it. And you will agree. Peace be with you all.


Love-Lguapogreengo-Ammunition-For-The-SpiritWritten around 2012 by Lguapogreengo (the author prefers to remain anonymous, trying to keep the focus on the music, message and outreach, rather than self recognition)

Love is the spirit behind the music. “Love” by Lguapogreengo is the essence of what Christian music should be. It is powerful, reaching and never failing. Sing this song! Be this song. And you will watch the true power of worship music. God bless you.

Child of the King

child of the kingWritten in 2014, By Lguapgreengo in San Diego, California

This song was a turning point. It is when I realized that the only name above all other names is Jesus. It is when I realized that claiming the victory that has already been won is the answer.

The song could also be titled “trouble the trouble that troubles me”. A song about conviction. A song about strength; About the belief in the throne of God and our access to it. This song is for warriors who will not lie down and accept defeat. This song is about the inheritance the comes with being a child of the King. Truly a sick jam! God bless you all and may grace and peace be with you. Lg3